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A privileged location in northern Peru, a few miles from the Pacific coast and near the border with Ecuador. Chiclayo is an ideal place for travelers eager to experience the most diverse experiences. It is a thriving commercial city that combines its ancient past, archeology, nearby beaches, great weather, excellent cuisine, fine crafts, with the friendliness of its people, thereby getting the name "City of Friendship."

Chiclayo was not founded by Spanish settlers, native trained as a reduction under the name of Santa Maria de los Valles de Chiclayo. Long ago, this territory was occupied by the Moche civilization (I-VII centuries AD) and then by the Lambayeque civilization or Sicán (VIII-XIV centuries AD). Both were characterized by hydraulic engineering applied to the construction of irrigation canals for their lands, and for excellence in ceramics and metalwork. The disaster caused by a “Mega Niño” caused the demise of civilization.

Currently, Chiclayo is the commercial, economic and communications more important in the north of Peru. Easily accessible, it can be carried by land (it’s 800 kilometers from Lima), and by air (International airport with Captain Jose Quiñones).

The city has many attractions: the Cathedral, Gothic style made ​​under the plans of French architect Gustave Eiffel, the Municipal Park: in the center of town, surrounded by the most emblematic buildings of Chiclayo, the Municipal Palace, the Basilica San Antonio ; Veronica Chapel, the Witches Market, the Elías Aguirre Square. Many museums make up the rich cultural heritage of the Peruvian history:

Sipan Museum and Royal Tombs of Sipan: this archaeological site and museum located in Lambayeque, displays the finds excavated from the Moche civilization in Sipan, highlighting the tomb of the Lord of Sipan, with grave goods, ceramics and gold jewelry.

Sican National Museum: opened in 2001 in Lambayeque, this museum is dedicated to the Lambayeque or Sican civilization, known for his works of gold, among which highlights the tumi (ceremonial knives) and gold funerary masks.

Museum of the Valley of the Pyramids of Tucume: composed of 26 pyramids dating from 700 AD, highlighting: the Mirador, La Huaca, The Stakes, the Sun and Pomac Forest Historical Sanctuary: 40 km from Chiclayo, in this forest were found many archaeological remains of the Sican culture.

Near Chiclayo are sites of outstanding beauty: Spas Eten and Pimentel, the people Monsefú (known for its handicrafts in cotton yarn and woven straw and reed horses traditional fishing villages), the city ​​of Lambayeque, which houses interesting colonial houses.

Chiclayo is the outstanding example in northern cuisine. Typical dishes are: ceviche, arroz con pato, tortilla de raya, cabrito a la chiclayana con loche (native to this area, similar to squash), Chirimpico, King Kong. Among the drinks, chicha de jora and Llonque.