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Cuzco, historic capital city of the Kingdom of the Incas and one of the highlights of the Viceroyalty of Peru, is the largest tourist destination in this important South American country. Reach approximately one million visitors from around the world and this number is increasing year by year, was proclaimed in 1983 as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

This well-known city in southeastern Peru is also known as the Rome of America, for the large number of historic buildings it owns in its surface.

The citadel of Machu Picchu ("Old Mountain in Quechua) is the most prominent tourist attraction of Peru, considered one of the wonders of the world for its landscape architecture, situated on a granite mountain.

Cuzco has an architectural structure of pre Columbian times can be seen in its streets, plazas and colonial style buildings. Among the most prominent and in a tour not to be missed, we can cite the Convent of Mercy (destroyed by the earthquake in 1650 and rebuilt in 1675, of Baroque and Renaissance) Cathedral (first cathedral of Cuzco was Triumph Church, between 1550 and 1664 they built the current baroque interiors, Plateresque and gothic), The Church of the Company (one of the highlights of baroque colonial America), the Barrio de San Blas (picturesque place of town with craft shops), the Convent of Santo Domingo (built on Coricancha shrine) Rumiyuq street (the artery most visited by tourists) and the Plaza de Armas, (place of occurrence and highlights the death of Tupac Amaru II and the conquest of Cuzco)

It was a city hit several times by earthquakes; the last was in 1950 which destroyed 30% of the buildings. Cimbronazo After that, it began to look like a city associated with tourism being the 90 'when I take a definitive step by having a significant preponderance this activity in the economy.

The climate is temperate and relatively dry. Between April and October the average temperature is around 13 degrees, with clear days and frosty nights. In the rest of the year, rainfalls proliferate with an average temperature of 12 °.

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