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The department of Ica is located in southwestern Peru, near the Pacific Ocean, 267 kilometers from Lima, the capital, which is accessed by the South Road. The trip takes 3 hours approximately
Ica is a destination known for its  natural scenery, consisting of the beauty of the sea, extensive sand dunes, its  flat territories and the fertility of his agricultural valleys.  Besides being famous for the Pisco and the deep religious beliefs.

Its climate is similar for most of the year, sunny and dry. It is an area with recognized historical past, the first inhabitants of Ica were set ten thousand years ago.
There are many turisticattractions like its wide beaches, hot springs areas, diversity of marine animals, museums and historical attractions.

The Paracas National Reserve is one of the rides "forced" when you visit Ica. Having a dimension of 3350 hectares, is the only protected area in Peru, and has a marine ecosystem, penguins and flamingos. You can also visit nearby islands (San Gallan and Ballestas) by boat.

The candelabro are rocks eroded by the sea and wind, 120 meters long and from the sea is where best seen. Huacachina Lagoon is a beautiful place in the littoral zone which has a dense vegetation consisting of palm, tamarind and eucalyptus trees, surrounded by dunes and waters with healing properties, which was a resort of the gentry between 1920 and 1950 .

In regard to historical tourism, the towns of Chincha and Humay are places to visit with many attention. Chincha is a space with memories going back to pre inca, which houses prisons and cells in which the slaves were housed. Most black people are from this locality. Just 10 miles away is the Sanctuary of the Mechorita, a religious devotee of Santa Rosa de Lima who cared for the sick and needy, much venerated in the region. In Humay Inca site is located with better maintenance: the ruins of Tambo Colorado.

In designing the tour can be incorporated to meet the following locations: The wineries of Tacama, Vista Alegre and Ocucaje elaborate wine and pisco  near the center of Ica, Yumaque beaches (place chosen by tourists), Lagunillas, La Mina (which has transparent water and few waves), Punta Urquillo to admire species of marine fauna and rock formations called Los Frailes and the Cathedral, the Regional Museum Maria Reiche and Engraved Stones, the Plaza de Arma, the Sanctuary of the Lord of Luren and Casona of  Marqués de Torre Hermosa.

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Address: Malecón Principal s/n Balneario Huacachina, Ica.
Phone: 51 56 228 458