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On the banks of a secondary arm of the Amazon River, Iquitos is the largest port city in the northwest region of Peru. It is accessible only by boat (the deep-water port and is connected to other ports Peruvians, Brazilians and Colombians) or air through the international airport Colonel Francisco Secada Vignetta. No access road by the difficulties of geography Amazon.

The city retains many buildings from the time of the rubber boom (1880-1914), when Iquitos became the richest city in Peru and as a result of that, had a major economic and social development. Examples are: the Iron House (designed by French architect Gustave Eiffel), the Amazonian Museum (neoclassical style, which houses a collection of sculptures made of fiberglass-size representing all ethnic groups in the Amazon ), Plaza de Armas (with its obelisk dedicated to heroes who fought in the Pacific War), the Cathedral of Iquitos (neo-Gothic style, built on the ground with a single nave, with beautiful stained glass windows and rosettes), the former Hotel Palace (1912, considered the most luxurious in the Peruvian Amazon region), the Malecon Tarapaca and Boulevard Iquitos (with a beautiful view of the Amazon River and the Port of Bethlehem), the House of Clay (building on two floors with balcony wood, old warehouse where they kept the rubber) and the Amazon Library.

Other attractions of the city and its surroundings are the Quistococha Zoo (just minutes from downtown on the lake of the same name), the villages of the indigenous communities of Boras and Momón Yaguas in the river, the Allpahuayo Mishana Pacaya Samiria National Reserve (known for their high biodiversity in flora and fauna). Most of the population is descended from Iquitos Amazon tribes and mestizos. Its cultural heritage is rich in legends and myths, crafts (pottery, woven vegetable fiber, wood carvings) in customs with great presence of healers or shamans who bring their knowledge of medicinal plants. We also see the Indian heritage in the food, their dishes are the juane, the tacacho, inchicapi, timbuche, chonta palm salad, patarashca, ingiri. Drinks: chapo (made ​​from bananas), Masato (drink based pre-Hispanic fermented cassava).

Iquitos are well known in the festivities of Carnival, and the festivity of San Juan (June 24), in honor of St. John the Baptist, patron saint of the Amazon.

Iquitos is also a city that invites visitors to enjoy its nightlife. It has many restaurants, bars and nightclubs, with various options for the more diverse audience.

Address: Calle Pevas 260 - Iquitos.
Phone: (51-65) 231 618
E-mail: reservas2@paseosamazonicos.com