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It is an ID card and benefits accepted in over 100 countries, exclusively for students of Schools, Colleges and Universities in undergraduate and graduate. It is the only international card that you credited as full-time student with the support of UNESCO and the Andean Community - Andean Community of Nations, among others, whose effective international standard is one year from September to December the following year (16 months).

The ISIC Association has created this card for over 35 years. The ISIC is the medium that gives you access to thousands of discounts and benefits abroad and in Peru in any of more than one hundred countries is accepted. It gives you access to many amenities.

What can the ISIC do for you?

• It is the only document that certifies you as a regular student in over one hundred countries, with the benefits each provides.
• A major benefit and well-known is that it allows access to international travel at best   prices.
• The  insurances of trip that you need to buy are unique in the domestic and international markets.
• In Peru, INTEJ and preferential prices, lets you access all of your programs and products.
• Your ISIC card can also use it as a calling card and message through the service ISIConnect  permit  you keep in touch with family and friends during your travels.
• Access to emergency helpline ISIC 24 hours

Who can apply for this card?

• If you are a regular student school or higher qualify for the ISIC.
• Must be enrolled in an educational institution: University (Undergraduate, Graduate,
   Master, etc), College or Institute.
• No age limit to get the ISIC.