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Is the basic tool of travel for young people under 26. If you are not full-time student or regular, but you are 25 years or less, you can get the international passport or travel for young IYTC - International Youth Travel Card.

The IYTC was created for young people under 26 could more easily and less expensive to travel. By providing a formal proof of your age with photo. The IYTC allows you access to hundreds of services, benefits and discounts worldwide

The IYTC was founded in 1975 and has the official support  support of the Organization of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization - UNESCO - and It is recognized as the sole document for young travelers. The IYTC also has the support and endorsement of the Andean Community - Andean Community of Nations, whose term international standard is one year from the date of issuance

Each year thousands of young travelers in the world use a IYTC and benefit saving money

Who can apply for this card?

• Can be applied to a IYTC - International Travel Card for all those young people under 26 years.


• Copy of identity document (ID card, Passport, Military Ballot) where it appears clearly that you are under 26 years.
• Voucher bank deposit of $ 10.00 or S /. 28.30 (tc = 2.83 x $) made at the Bank of Credit to the account N ° 194-0004672 - 1 - 01 or in our office (Avenida San Martin 240, Barranco, Lima).
• Photo passport size color.
• To fill card – request (It has the condition of affidavit ).