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Piura is a department located in northwestern Peru, on the border with Ecuador, 973 kilometers from Lima. It is a vigorous city, organized and welcoming spirit with travelers who visit. It is notable for its lively music (especially the marinera and tondero), its tasty dishes (soup of seven meats, pepián turkey, Copus, seco de chabelo, etc.) and the quality and variety of its crafts.

ts territory consists of forest, mountains and coast. It has beautiful white sand beaches and areas prepared for fishing. The climate in the city is dry tropical, with average temperature of 24 degrees, with a maximum of 40 in the summer season.

The city of Piura has many interesting sites to visit, many of them to few distance one of other one as to organize a circuit afoot.

The Plaza de Armas, located in the central city area, surrounded by tamarind and included statues of artistic value. The Cathedral of colonial style has the principal altar bathed in golden bread; The Municipal Museum has archaeological pieces, paintings and ceramics pre-Columbian.; the church of San Francisco  is the oldest religious space of the city. The Carmen Church, its construction dates from the eighteenth century ; the House Museum of Admiral Miguel Grau, is a place with many reminiscences of the past of the leading seaman.

On the  surroundings of Piura, there are other attractions to visit by travelers. Located 12 kilometers is Catacaos, which is a village where you can find things  of cotton and straw marks of silver and gold. A few miles away, there are archaeological remains of Narihuala.

At a distance of 54 kilometers from Piura is the Sechura desert (the largest in Peru) and you can visit Bayóvar Complex and the church of San Martin. Between the beaches are the Mancora beach (182 kilometers from Piura, with warm waters and waves) and Colan (65 kilometers, with long beaches and terraces of stones). The  Huaringas`s lagoon is very visited by the tourists,it`s located 255 kilometers and is renowned for its healing properties.

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