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Puno is one of the main cities of Peru, located on the shores of Titicaca, the highest navigable some of the world. It is considered the folklore capital of America for over 300 dances. The Sikuri and dances that look Diablada are understated by Festivities like the Virgin of Candelaria, patron of the region.

This spectacular festival is one of the largest in the country. Conducted in February and attracts thousands of people in a unique enjoyment of beauty and emotion. The land of camels and Altiplano very cold region is the plain where the city is located.

The main attraction of Puno is Lake Titicaca, the extension includes part of Peru and Bolivia and has an area of 8.560 km, a depth of 227 meters and has 36 islands. Just 5 km from the city is the Uros floating islands, inhabited by Aymara still preserves traditions and customs of their ancestors. 30 km are the only inhabitants are Quechua people of the area on the island of Taquile. A short distance away is the island that has Amantani natural viewpoints from where you can fully appreciate the Titicaca.

Many places surround the lake and the city. Sillustani is one of the most interesting. This archaeological site is approximately 30 minutes from Puno, across the lagoon Umayo and is famous for its large stone towers called Chullpas.

Pomata are Chucuito and cities bordering the south side of Lake Titicaca and is an interesting circuit to appreciate magnificent Baroque-Renaissance churches.

Road to the north were to Juliaca, the city owns the airport and only the most important of the region, nearby the famous Pucara with miniature sculptures, you can not stop buying the famous bulls of the same name.

With the sun during the day and a cold air at night, you seemed to forget to appreciate the vastness of the lake. Puno tells you his story.

Enjoy dances and beautiful landscapes of Puno and Lake Titicaca magic.

Don Julio
Address: Jirón Cusco N° 232- Barrio Mañazo - Puno.
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