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Hostelling International is an organization and an HI membership gives you much more than a comfortable bed to spend the night!

With it, you are in the midst of a great international family, where you can share experiences, travel and friendship with people of all nationalities.

10 reasons to become a member of HI

• Access to the largest global network of safe houses and neat
• Discounts for members in many hostels
• Join a worldwide community of like-minded travelers
• Discounts on travel and activities in many countries
• Concessions on entertainment during your trips
• Visit the world in an economically
• Discounts at museums and cultural centers at home and abroad
• Savings in retail retail
• Sales in a wide range of travel services

• And much more ...

Partners Discount Program

Both of your membership card as the National Association of Hostelling International (HI) not only open the doors of the largest global network of safe houses, clean and welcoming, but now formembership, will also save at least 10 % in the cost of accommodation in many HI hostels. This is just one of the good reasons to join. In some countries it is mandatory to be a member to stay at HI hostels listed on this website. To find the conditions of the country you want to visit, see page Partners Discount Program.

Besides the cheapest accommodation in many of our 4,000 hostels around the world, membership also gives you access to thousands of travel-related discounts you make at home and abroad. Consult your HI hostel on arrival to find out the details of these great advantages, among which are: reduced price tickets to attractions and museums, discounts on meals, transportation and much more.

Whatever your budget, membership helps you to explore and "Say HI to the World" ... travel with your backpack through Europe, to discover Australia, to dance to Latin rhythms, to relax on an idyllic beach or just Asia "Discover the real hostel experience" in one of the shelters we have exclusive worldwide.

How to join:

•You have to go to the offices of the HI Youth Hostel Association or to the point of sale of cards before you leave.
• Acquiring an international affiliation upon arrival at an HI hostel outside your country of residence. For the arrival at the hostel prices and availability for members, please contact the hostel directly Warning: When you choose your country from the list below, you provide all contact information in addition to the website link national Association of HI hostels. Choose the Membership section of this site.


A single copy of ID or passport.
Pay only for one year: USD $ 20.00 for people up to age 25 or
                                            USD $ 30.00 for seniors 25 years

Issuing offices in Peru


      Youth Hostel Lima
      Av. Casimiro Ulloa 328 – Miraflores
      Phone. (51)(1) - 4465488 / 511 - 2428235

      Av. San Martin 240 – Barranco
      Phone. (51)(1) - 247 3230

      Hostal Mallqui
      Calle Nueva Alta 444 – Cusco
      Phone. (51)(84) - 231 294


      La Posada de Máncora
      Barrio industrial núm. 100, Máncora, Panamericana Km 1164 – Máncora
      Phone. (51)(72) 858 328 / 996588909


      La Posada Real
      Calle Mollendo 218 Urb. Municipal Cercado de Arequipa
      (51)(54) - 202 222 / (51)(54) - 284 541