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Trujillo, called the City of Eternal Spring, is a town of Libertad department located in the northeastern region of Peru, 500 kilometers from Lima.

It has several characteristics that make it a special destination. Starting with a friendly and welcoming people, proud of their heritage and traditions and always open to welcome new visitors. The scenery of the citadel is composed of mud and adobe houses that blend of elegant colonial houses with wrought iron bars, churches, convents and schools built by the Spanish at the time of the conquest.

The weather of Trujillo  is dry and mild with an average temperature of 19 degrees, this is one of the reasons why it is called the City of Eternal Spring. A good time to visit is in September, when performing the Spring Festival, which began in 1950 by  Lions Club, in which the city is dressed in their finery, also in this month is  organized "The Corso of Flowers" carried out a symbolic parade with cars, which inhabitants  choose the beauty queen and ends with a big party.

There are other religious and festive celebrations during the year, for example the  National Marinera Contest to be held in January each year. In addition it is one of the most famous  dances of Peru.

There are many attractive places that exist  around Trujillo for the tourist to visit. Starting from the city center, the Cathedral is located at the corner of the Plaza de Armas, built in 1616 and partially destroyed by two earthquakes. The Church of Carmen (the most important architectural of the area), the churches of San Francisco, La Merced, Santa Clara, Belen and Santo Domingo. There are historic houses with facades and rooms with many ornaments. We can cite the house Ganoza Chipotea, a relic of Trujillo, the House of Mayorazgo, the home of the  Aranda, the home of the Marquis de Herrera, among others.

There are also archaeological remains in the region to explore. The City of Chan Chan in the Moche valley, which was determined between the twelfth and fifteenth centuries and came to have 60 000 inhabitants. It has walls, temples, labyrinths and is the largest adobe city in the world. It is located 4 kilometers from Trujillo. Temples of the Sun and the Moon was the administrative center of the Mochicanos and is in the south of Trujillo, 5 kilometers.

Hostelling International has prepared accommodation for backpackers who want to explore this region of Peru.

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